Change – 3 Questions

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Feeling stuck – ask yourself three questions

Whenever you feel stuck in a rut or ruminating on the same thought, ask yourself three quick questions.

Before you ask the questions, take a minute to figure out the primary thought that is filling your mind. Then ask yourself these three questions quickly!

Is it true?

Is it realistic?

Is it helpful?

If you’ve said no to ANY of the three questions, it’s time to change your thoughts!

Before you say, “I can’t change my thoughts. They are just there.”, take a step back.

Who creates your thoughts?

Who can control your thoughts?

Who has the power over your thoughts?

The answer is always YOU. Friends and family can influence you, experiences can change you, and the world as a whole can shift you… but NOBODY ELSE can change your thoughts.

Go back to that thought that is not true, not realistic, and/or not helpful. And come up with a related thought that is true, realistic and helpful. Write it down. Put it on a post-it note where you will see it. Create a mantra or reminder. Do whatever you have to do to see that new positive thought.

Then think it. Think it again and again and again.

Each time you think the new true, realistic, and helpful thought, you are creating a new neuropathway that can help you change. The longer you’ve used the old thought, the harder your brain will “fight” to go back to it. Take control – and you will win!

Quick Tip: Say the new thought as you walk through a doorway. Research shows that we have a short “memory divide” when we walk through a doorway (yes, that’s the reason you forget why you went into another room!).