Visualize your best self

By July 6, 2020 No Comments

We’ve all heard it before.  When you visualize something happening, it will come true.  Some believe completely, while others call it a bunch of bull.

Who’s right?

Well both sides, actually.

Studies demonstrated that when people visualize a success – from college students taking exams to individuals visualizing exercise – it COULD work, with one major caveat.

If you JUST visualize the end result – I will get thinner, I will pass the exam, I will lead a great project – you’re not more likely to succeed.  And, worse still, if you don’t succeed, you’re more likely to be angry and disappointed in yourself.  Visualization doesn’t work – and could actually backfire on you.

When you visualize the end result AND the work that has to go into making it possible – I will get thinner by eating better, I will pass the exam by studying, I will lead a great project by planning and managing my time well – you are more likely to succeed.  Visualization works!

The quick trick:

Imagine the end result of something you really want.  Write down the end goal or result.  Then visualize yourself doing everything it will take to get there.  Make lists, deadlines and mini goals.  Then GET MOVING.

Visualization only works when you do!