Mindset – YET

By December 29, 2019 April 29th, 2020 No Comments

One little word can change your life

What if a three-letter word could lead you down the path to success? And forgetting it could lead you to failure? How often would you use that word?

It’s easy to want success now, some sign that everything will turn out the way we want it. The promotion is going to happen, the project is going to succeed. And when those signs don’t come, it’s easy to assume they won’t come. Even worse, when failure happens, success seems like it will never come.

The quick trick:

Add the word “yet” to the story you are telling yourself. “Yet” leaves to door open to great possibilities. Just because something didn’t happen yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen at all. Even if something fails, it’s just a step back on ONE thing, not everything or forever.

I didn’t get the promotion. becomes I didn’t get a promotion YET.

The project didn’t succeed. becomes The project didn’t succeed YET.

The client isn’t happy. becomes The client isn’t happy YET.

The work isn’t done. becomes The work isn’t done YET.

When you start using “yet” in thinking about things that frustrate or overwhelm you, add a deep breath. It CAN happen, even if it hasn’t yet. Over a few weeks, you will start to feel that shift towards seeing possibilities and future success. And then you can work to make that success a reality.