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Motivation 101: Reframing thoughts

Have you ever noticed that when something is really difficult or you have a huge long-term project, your thoughts get the better of you?

Here’s the thing…

our emotions (fear, frustration, anxiety) feed our thoughts and actions

our thoughts feed our emotions and actions

our actions feed our thoughts and emotions

So basically, we have a circle that can either lead us to success… or not.

Often, we can break that circle quickly by stepping back and asking ourselves a few questions:

What am I thinking about XYZ?

How does that make me feel?

How does that impact my motivation?

When you reframe your thoughts completely, it will change your feelings and change your behavior.

What happens if I think something positive about XYZ?

TRULY think about something positive (you might have to dig!!)

Ask “Where is the opportunity?” “What can I gain?” “Who else can I help?”

How do I feel now?

How does the new perspective change my motivation?

This is a form of reframing, changing our perspective to improve our perspective. Neuroscience tells us that this creates a new, more positive neuropathway. The more you reframe things positively, the more positive and productive you become!

Quick Tip: In order for reframing to work, you have to realize what the primary thoughts and emotions are. Pause, dig deep, journal or talk it out with a trusted friend.