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Why smiling and standing tall really work!

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem so confident? They exude vibrancy, knowledge, and positivity? And there we all sit, watching them, wishing we could be that amazing or resenting them for being so confident?

Here’s a little secret… confidence is a skill.

Here’s a second little secret… they probably aren’t any more knowledgeable or positive than we are. They just learned Mind-Body Integration.

Here’s the most important secret… you can learn it too!

Mind-Body Integration simply says that our bodies’ postures and actions reflect and impact our inner emotions and thoughts… AND that our inner emotions and thoughts reflect and impact our bodies’ posture. Basically, how we posture is how we think and feel.

Best of all, we can use Mind-Body Integration to consciously support us as we change thoughts and feelings. Our posture “informs” our minds that we should think and feel a certain way. For example, when we slouch forward, curling into ourselves, we are telling our minds that we are feeling insecure and unsure of our situation.

When we sit or stand tall, we are telling our minds that we are confident in our abilities and can achieve what we set out to do. When we smile, we help ourselves feel happier. When we look someone in the eyes, we tell ourselves we are their equal.

At the same time, we are telling the world that we are happy and confident. Which means people treat us as confident, happy individuals. Which helps us achieve more. Which boosts our confidence. The positive spiral begins – confidence feeds success and success feeds confidence.

Quick Tip: The next time you want to feel confident, take a deep breath and consciously choose your posture and facial expression.