It seems like COVID-19 is consuming us and having an impact on our happiness.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s what the science tells us.

  • 50% of our happiness “set point” comes from our genetics, childhood experiences, challenges, etc.
  • 10% of our happiness is related to our life circumstances
  • 40% of our happiness is all about MINDSET – and is completely in our control.

Let me repeat that… only 10% is about circumstances.  COVID-19, working from home, social isolation only impacts 10% of our happiness.  We control the 40% of our own happiness.

So here’s my offer…  I want to help those of you who are struggling with kids at home, job changes, isolation, having to go to work… whatever.  For FREE

Visit my website to sign up!

What is happiness coaching?

Using the science of happiness, neuroplasticity (which says you can physically change your brain’s structure… and thus the way you think!) and top-notch coaching techniques, I will help you discover what truly makes you happier.  Together, we will set goals and strategies to make those goals a reality.

Why happier?  Because happier people are more successful, healthier and live longer lives!  Seems like a pretty good goal.